BLESS Spirit「自転車の価値、可能性を掘り起こす」

    BLESS Spirit「自転車の価値、可能性を掘り起こす」

    To choose the clothes and shoes, I want to have a commitment to the bicycle.
    Rather than the things that "good at this." "Where some things even" and, get to say that "this is good". I want to make a bike that get to use it long.

    BLESS Bike Beachcruiser(ブレス自転車イメージ写真)

    Go out with your favorite bike, slowly pedaling.

    Gentle breeze, the fragrance of flowers feel the four seasons transmitted to the cheek, and the city of the landscape, tide aroma. Whole body can feel the changing of the seasons and the city. One of the vehicle that gives such a pleasant time, but it's bike we thought.

    Only one of the favorite bicycle, it may be willing to change from your fashion to lifestyle.

    Pains If you ride a bike, to choose the clothes and shoes, do not you think that there is surely more fun riding also stuck a bicycle?

    Bicycle is what is used in life, it first has a meaning. That's why we emphasize the style of the time riding.

    BLESS Bike Beachcruiser(ブレス自転車イメージ写真)If any style, or get aboard enjoy more?
    What kind of bicycle is the bicycle every day of life is more fun?
    The long bicycle-held of attachment?
    Slowly comfortably, live beautifully, and the bike to blend into landscape and aesthetics of Japan unique?
    When riding a bicycle breath of, what is visible around?
    Any voice, sound is heard? What I feel is feeling riding a bike?
    Feel what smell?

    It reached the answer was somewhere feel nostalgia beautiful "classic style".

    A commitment to the force.

    The idea of "bicycle to customers complete" = "raise the bicycle on their own commitment."

    BLESS Bike Beachcruiser(ブレス自転車イメージ写真)Parts that make up the bicycle does not have so many. Really it is simple.
    That's why, even simply by changing only one of the parts, will change rattle and impressive. Some things to love at first sight, I think that there is that get lost or to any. But, to think of it, it is the custom of the real thrill what time to get lost.

    Pick, mounted, try to look at. Joy of their own feelings, commitment was in the form. And, looking forward to going out with the best one.

    In order to help such a thought, we have provided a variation rich custom parts.
    Many times, as many times, please spend a fun time.


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